Custom Axe Workshop - 2 people, 1 axe

Custom Axe Workshop - 2 people, 1 axe

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In this workshop our Blacksmith will teach you and your partner to take carbon steel, heat it in a forge and shape it into an axe. An anvil, along with various types of hammers will be used as well. We will walk you through the heat treating process, grinding and sharpening. We will have solid wood handles that the axe head gets fitted to. At the end of the workshop, you and your partner will be taking home your very own custom axe.

  • Additional Details

    Upon purchase, you will be contacted via email to schedule your workshop as soon as the forge is open.  

    We'll be in touch - We will be opening the Toronto Forge in November 2020.

    *Participants must be 18+ and will be required to sign a liability waiver before the workshop begins. 

    **Participants will be provided with safety glasses and gloves. We recommend you wear cotton long sleve shirt, long pants, and steel toed shoes throughout the duration of the workshop

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    Your order is for an open ended workshop. It is transferable to anyone you want and can be booked for any available dates with no expiry. 

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  • Location

    Workshops are held at:

    388 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON

    (Dundas & Carlaw)