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Light my fire

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

You can't make an axe without fire and with that, we'd like to introduce you to our new forges and your future axe's best friend. Forges are used by blacksmiths to heat a piece of metal to extremely high temperatures, which makes the metal more malleable and allows us to shape the metal with hammers and other hand tools. You will be using the forge when you begin molding your metal billet into your very own custom axe head.

We're proud to have ordered Axcadmy's forges from Mighty Forge, "a custom forge designer of specially produced hand crafted forges". They pride themselves on being the hottest forge in Canada, with fast, even, reliable heat that will perfectly support your blacksmithing experience.

It was also important to us to source as much of our materials and equipment from Canadian businesses which is why we wanted the heart of our trade to come from this British Columbia based company, which thankfully also makes some bad ass forges.

If you haven't already, we suggest you check out our shop page and learn more about our custom axe making workshops and sign up so you can 'mightily' forge your own!

P.S. we're still on track to start workshops in November 2019. Hope you're as excited as we are.



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