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It's Beginning to feel a lot like...

It’s like Christmas every day at Axcadmy as deliveries show up at our door filled with tools of the trade. We wanted to thank and feature another awe-inspiring Canadian custom metal artist, Front Step Forge. Based out of Alberta, they “perform a wide range of work, from simple counter brackets to major public works projects”. With decades of blacksmithing experience, we knew that their tools would be exactly what we need.

We wanted to arm ourselves and our clients with the best materials to make their custom axes.

From hammers to punches (yes, you’ll be using all sorts of hammers!) Front Step Forge’s tools will help you shape that simple piece of metal into an axe that you can use and always carry with pride. We’re excited to be wielding them and we hope you will be too.

Check out our shop page and learn about our custom axe making workshops and how you can hammer out your own!



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