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E Gift Card -Custom Axe Sheath Workshop

E Gift Card -Custom Axe Sheath Workshop

SKU: 00006

Leather sheaths are flexible, accessible, light, durable, and offer good weather protection. They're also easy to carry around.  They provide protection for both you and the axe, especially between use and maintenance. 


In this workshop, you will be guided to design a custom sheath to perfectly fit your axe.  Using high quality Veg-tanned leather and a range of customization options, you will craft a one of a kind piece to match your one of a kind axe. 


We'll provide you with all the tools, and materials you'll need including the highest quality leather, tanned naturally by one of the oldest methods of tanning ever created. You'll have the opportunity to learn how to: 

- stain the leather to a colour of your choice

- stitch the sheath with a thread of your choice

- rivet and button the sheath using a variety of metals


No previous leather work skills are required.  

  • Additional information

    Upon purchase, you will receive an email with booking instructions along with a downloadable file to print out and share with the gift recipient.

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