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E-Gift Card - The Two Hander Workshop

E-Gift Card - The Two Hander Workshop


Are you ready to take your blacksmithing skills to the next level? Welcome to our new and exciting workshop, "The Two Hander"! Building on the success of our first workshop where you forged a 15" hatchet, we're thrilled to introduce this immersive experience for those looking to wield a true powerhouse of an Axe.


Workshop Overview:

In this hands-on blacksmithing workshop, you'll have the opportunity to forge your very own two-handed axe with a 28" handle. Our skilled instructors will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.


What You'll Learn:


Metal selection and preparation: Discover the different types of steel suitable for crafting a formidable two-handed axe.

Forging techniques: Learn the art of heating, shaping, and tempering the metal to create a sharp and durable cutting edge.

Safety and tool usage: Gain a deep understanding of blacksmithing tools and techniques to ensure a safe and productive forging experience.


What You'll Experience:


Forge your own two-handed axe: From raw materials to finished product, experience the entire process under the guidance of experienced blacksmiths.

Individualized instruction: Our small class sizes ensure personalized guidance and attention, regardless of your skill level.

A sense of accomplishment: Walk away with a unique, functional two-handed axe, handcrafted by you.

A community of like-minded individuals: Connect with fellow blacksmithing enthusiasts and forge lasting friendships.

  • Additional Details

    *This Workshop starts Running in March 2024

    Upon purchase, you will receive an email with booking instructions along with a downloadable file to print out and share with the gift recipient.

    *Participants must be 18+ and will be required to sign a liability waiver before the workshop begins. 

    **Participants will be provided with safety glasses and gloves. We recommend you wear cotton long sleve shirt, long pants, and steel toed shoes throughout the duration of the workshop

  • Ready to Book?

    If your ready to book a date, you can purchase direclty on our booking page here:

    Book Now



  • Location

    Workshops are held at:

    388 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON

    (Dundas & Carlaw)

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