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E-Gift Card - Custom Axe Workshop - 2 people, 1 axe

E-Gift Card - Custom Axe Workshop - 2 people, 1 axe

SKU: 00017

Unleash your inner blacksmith in our exciting introductory workshop, "Custom Axe Workshop -2 People, 1 Axe"! This workshop is designed for those looking to embark on their blacksmithing journey, learning the basics of forging while crafting a functional 15" hatchet.


Workshop Overview:

Our experienced instructors will guide you and your partner through the fundamental steps of blacksmithing, providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to create a remarkable 15" hatchet.


What You'll Learn:


Safety in the forge: Understand the importance of safety equipment and best practices in a blacksmithing environment.

Heating and shaping metal: Learn the art of heating, hammering, and shaping steel to create your hatchet's blade.

Finishing touches: Apply essential techniques to give your hatchet its final form and function.


What You'll Experience:


Hands-on forging: Get hands-on experience in every aspect of the blacksmithing process.

Guidance from experts: Our knowledgeable instructors will be there to provide step-by-step instruction, ensuring you gain confidence and skills throughout the workshop.

A functional hatchet: Leave the workshop with a personalized, professionally-crafted 15" hatchet to call your own.

A great starting point: Whether you're an aspiring blacksmith or just curious about the craft, this workshop offers a fun and fulfilling entry point into the world of blacksmithing.

  • Additional Details

    Upon purchase, you will receive an email with booking instructions along with a downloadable file to print out and share with the gift recipient.

    *Participants must be 18+ and will be required to sign a liability waiver before the workshop begins. 

    **Participants will be provided with safety glasses and gloves. We recommend you wear cotton long sleve shirt, long pants, and steel toed shoes throughout the duration of the workshop

  • Ready to Book?

    If your ready to book a date, you can purchase direclty on our booking page here:

    Book Now



  • Location

    Workshops are held at:

    388 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON

    (Dundas & Carlaw)

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